Ep.68 Print-Judging Comments From The Societies Convention

I’ve just returned from the Societies Of Photographers Convention in London which has been an absolute ball!  Though I admit, I am hurting just a little. A week of laughter and learning. And maybe just a little socialising. Having sat as one of the print competition judges once again, I thought it might be helpful to relay some of the comments I heard during the process of picking this year’s winning images to help you create higher scoring photographs in …

Ep.19 On Why Competitions Terrify Me (But Why I Do Them Anyway)

England are playing in the FIFA World Cup today and so I am avoiding the tv and radio – I am not good around anything competitive (it really does bring out the worst in me!) However, with a lot of help from my mentor (we all should have one) entering print competitions is a worthwhile exercise in spite of what it brings out in me! This podcast talks about mentors and competitions and why they are both worthwhile!