Video: BJJ Fighters – Pose, Shoot, Photoshop

In this video, we take a couple of good friends of the studio – Chris and Ben – who are both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Fighters and create some images for their new YouTube channel. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show: How I work with, pose and frame two subjects for an image that will fit a wide aspect ratio (for a video channel). How to light dark-toned clothes so that they stand out on a dark background. How I met …

Walkthrough: How To Use Frequency Separation In Photoshop Step-By-Step

In this video, I walk through step-by-step the Frequency Separation in Photoshop – one of the best techniques for retouching skin. Frequency separation is one of the most useful techniques for retouching skin but it can seem a bit daunting to begin with. In this video, I explain a simple step-by-step process for setting up the layers and then retouching the skin. Hope it’s useful!

Photoshop Shorts: How To Create An Action

A short video explaining how to create an action and assign a hotkey to it. Actions are a very useful function in Photoshop, enabling repetitive tasks to be performed quickly and simply. Put simply, they are one of things most retouchers rely on day to day. I use the example of a simple ‘Content Aware Fill’ action that is perfect for removing blemishes, stray hairs and dust spots.

Photoshop Shorts: Create A Reflection That Can Be Adjusted

In this “Photoshop Shorts” episode, I show how to create a reflection in Photoshop. Not just that but one that can be done quickly and can then be tuned so that it looks like a mirror-reflection all the way through to a semi-matt surface. I use a picture of a dog to demonstrate the technique, but it’s equally applicable (and just as quick) to use on product or portrait photography too. The video uses layers, masks, the Blur filter, Smart …

Photoshop Shorts: 3 Simple Ways To Enhance Eyes In Photoshop

In this video, I step through 3 ways of enhancing eyes in Photoshop. These are simple things you can do that bring out the magic of someone’s eyes without it being a huge amount of work (at the end of the day, I’m a portrait photographer not a retoucher so I need techniques that are quick, efficient and get me 90% of the way there!) Enjoy!

Realistic Eye Reshaping Using Masks, Smart Objects And Liquify

This walkthrough steps through a method for realistic eye re-shaping. The walkthrough is in response to Rachel’s question posted on the Forums and is to reshape the eye of someone who had a stroke a couple of years ago so it has it has to be sympathetic and realistic. This is probably for intermediate Photoshop users and includes techniques in the following: Layers and Masks Smart Objects (Smart Layers) Liquify Content-Aware Fill

Photoshop: Getting The Best Out Of Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

OK, this is quite a long video! In response to a question from Rachel on the Forums, I step through all of the controls of Silver Efex Pro 2 and then in the second half of the video, run a handful of conversions showing the steps I usually take. I use a colour wheel during the video as a reference point. If you’d like to download the wheel for your own purposes, it can be found here in the store. …

EP88 How Thinking Like A Musician Can Help Your Images

In this episode we look at ways of seeing your images as your clients will.  When I used to work in recording studios, we would dump a copy of the music track onto cassette (yes I am that old) and walk it out into the car park and sit in a band member’s car, listening to the audio.  It was the best way to make sure it sounded good somewhere other than in a sophisticated mixing room! Making sure your …