Video: Looking For Light And Locations In The City

Oxford. One of the greatest cities on earth. Full of history, of course, but also a vibrant modern city with a huge range of locations in which to create portraits. So how do you go about looking for that perfect patch of light and that sumptuous scene to create an iconic portrait? In this video, we go for a long walk through Oxford with our models, Dory and Anisia, looking for interesting patches of light in which to create images. …

Creating Stunning Portraits With Rotolight AEOS and NEO2

The good folk at Rotolight lent us two pieces of kit for this demo: the Rotolight AEOS and the NEO 2. These lights were originally designed for video work, but Rotolight have added a strobe feature that means they can be used like studio flash lights or location strobes (off-camera flash). They are extremely lightweight, very portable and their battery goes on as long as you can. We had a lot of fun putting them through their paces! The ideas …

Photoshop Shorts: 3 Simple Ways To Enhance Eyes In Photoshop

In this video, I step through 3 ways of enhancing eyes in Photoshop. These are simple things you can do that bring out the magic of someone’s eyes without it being a huge amount of work (at the end of the day, I’m a portrait photographer not a retoucher so I need techniques that are quick, efficient and get me 90% of the way there!) Enjoy!

Realistic Eye Reshaping Using Masks, Smart Objects And Liquify

This walkthrough steps through a method for realistic eye re-shaping. The walkthrough is in response to Rachel’s question posted on the Forums and is to reshape the eye of someone who had a stroke a couple of years ago so it has it has to be sympathetic and realistic. This is probably for intermediate Photoshop users and includes techniques in the following: Layers and Masks Smart Objects (Smart Layers) Liquify Content-Aware Fill

Group Graffiti Portrait In London

What’s the best way to include a variety of locations in your images from a single shoot? Go for a walk with your subject(s), just as I did with these five friends. This graffiti wall was just one of the perfect locations we came across. These five friends are all from Norway (although the woman who contacted me to arrange the shoot, Cathrine, now lives in the UK). They wanted some portraits together in London, so I arrived there bright …