High Key Office-Style Portrait

High Key Office-Style Portrait Bryony actually came into the studio for some headshots. I loved her outfit and the way she looked, so after the headshots were in the bag, I invited her to pose for some full-length office-themed images, too. Getting the office catalogue look I don’t normally use office furniture for shoots, but I wondered if it m… …

Telling Stories with Composition

Telling Stories with Composition Shooting families with young children? Accompanying everyone on a walk allows you to capture relaxed shots like this one, with everyone being themselves and interacting naturally. It also means you are likely to end up getting muddy… Rolling in the mud Twiggy, mud-splattered clothing is now an expected part of … JOIN NOW! LOGIN

Using Location To Avoid Portrait Fatigue

Using Location To Avoid Portrait Fatigue I share my method for avoiding portrait fatigue then discuss light direction, visual balance/tension and why the unplanned portraits are often my favourites. One of the questions I often get asked is, “When photographing all day, every day, how do you avoid repeating images?” For me, one way of avoiding … JOIN NOW! LOGIN