Here you’ll find all sorts of resources for portrait photographers – from background textures to salesroom room-sets.

Background Textures

Looking for some texture to add a little interest to a plain background?  There is a video walkthrough showing how to add backgrounds using Photoshop here.

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Room Sets For Photographers

It is well known that creating stunning visuals for our clients helps them to imagine just how beautiful their images might look. As photographers, we’re so used to seeing our images and imaging how they might look on a wall that it’s easy to forget that our clients might not find it so easy.  I developed these for our own use here at our studio so we know they work!

Use these room sets to add your images and to show your clients for a little inspiration and an increase in sales.  They’re really easy to use – just double-click on the relevant layer and drag your own image on top.  There is a video showing how straightforward it is here.

If you’re looking in particular for Graphistudio’s collection layouts designed by Steve Saporito, click this link.


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