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Below you’ll find some content we’ve pulled together that we think you might enjoy.

Making The Best Of The Sales Room

It’s no secret that the more you can get your client to visualise how their images might look in their home (or office of course) the easier the sales process is going to be.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to use visuals – and the more realistic (and beautiful) you can make those visuals the better.

I have been creating various tools to help us with our own clients for many years and now we are very pleased to make some of those available on our store and you can read how to use them in this article.


Adding A Little Texture

01 Mastering Portrait Photography

Sometimes, an image just needs, well, a little texture behind the subject.  From the subtle to the ridiculous, adding a background texture can just add that little bit of magic.

You can find a range of background textures in our store and there is a quick walkthrough on a simple way to use them here.

Something For The Ears

With an audience from all corners of the globe, our little podcast about life as a professional portrait photographer has become synonymous with the website!

Sometimes interviews, sometimes the diary of a working pro, sometimes top tips, sometimes simply me harping on.  But always genuine, from the heart and about life as a photographer.

Here are just a few to get you started:

Ep.31 The Client Experience

In this episode it’s back to just me on my own – feels a bit weird not having someone to interview (and yet I STILL managed to create a one-hour po...

Ep.14 On Setting Up Your Edit Suite

Whether or not you like it, the modern portrait photographer is going to spend a not insignificant amount of time sitting in front of Lightroom...

Paul Wilkinson FMPA FSWPP

Paul is one of the UK’s top portrait photographers – not just for his eye for an image but for the manner in which they are created (mostly laughing, always relaxed!) His images have adorned numerous publications from the BBC to the Times and have won countless awards as well as giving him the accolade of Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association and the MPA Presidential Award in 2017. He is the co-author of Mastering Portrait Photography, the best-selling reference book that’s been re-printed, translated into German and Italian and licensed by National Geographic. He and his team are based near Oxford in the UK though often you’ll find him clutching his passport and his cameras as he creates images for people across the globe!

While Paul is the familiar face of Mastering Portrait Photography, it is a team here: Sarah Plater, the co-author and instigator of the book is also an experienced photographer, writer and videographer, and Sarah Wilkinson who has masterminded Paul’s hugely successful and respected photography business from a one-man band to the global name that it now is.