Retouching A Black And White Portrait Of A Young Woman

Bright sunshine and a beautiful subject, glorious greens and satin soft shadows. Ah, I have drifted into a romantic phase! This walkthrough takes a summer portrait of Megan and shows the basic steps from colour correction in Lightroom, retouching in Photoshop, conversion to a beautiful monochrome using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 and the ultimate cropping back in Lightroom.

The walkthrough mentions the following:

  • Using Adobe Lightroom to colour correct
  • Using ‘Content Aware’ fill as a more effective way of retouching skin and removing hairs
  • Using the ‘Dust and Scratch’ filter to remove stray hairs
  • Using Curves layers to apply soft, makeup-like treatment to the skin
  • Using a lasso and an Exposure adjustment layer to create a smooth vignette
  • Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 to create a monochrome image
  • Using a Color Balance adjustment layer to add a warm tone to the finished monochrome
  • Using Lightroom to finish the crop

Watch the video and see how we take a location portrait to it’s finished monochrome.

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