Removing Reflections From Your Client’s Glasses

This walkthrough is in response to a question on our forum. Rob Dunse (who kindly provided the photograph that I use in this walkthrough) asked if there’s a way of removing those nasty, purple reflections you sometimes get when photographing someone who is wearing glasses. It occurs when you can’t find the relationship between your subject and the lighting where you completely eliminate the problem at the moment you hit that button. While of course it’s much better to avoid it in the first place, let’s face it, sometimes it does happen. So when it does, here’s a quick walkthrough of how to remove it.

The walkthrough mentions the following:

  • Using layers in different modes (in this case, the ‘Color’ mode)
  • Using layer masks
  • Using layer styles
  • Creating selections from masks

Watch the video to see a simple method for removing those reflections. Image Copyright Rob Dunse.

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Rachel Thornhill
2 years ago

Hey Paul, thank you for this, working through it on some headshots at the moment. I have a question though, I’ve got stuck when you start using the brush tool to paint out the purple haze. Neither pen nor mouse are painting anything, and I’ve been through the settings for the brush at the top of your screen and can’t seem to work it out. Brush hardness is 100%, and I’m definitely working in the colour correction layer. Do you by any chance have any ideas?! Thank you in advance, Rachel x

2 years ago

I just had this happen with some headshots and had no idea how to fix it. I can’t wait to try it. You’re a genius!