Walkthrough: How To Use Frequency Separation In Photoshop, Step-By-Step

In this video, I walk through step-by-step the Frequency Separation in Photoshop - one of the best techniques for retouching skin.
Frequency separation is one of the most useful techniques for retouching skin but it can seem a bit daunting to begin with. In this video, I explain a simple step-by-step process for setting up the layers and then retouching the skin. Hope it's useful!

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Nick Brown
Nick Brown
3 years ago

This is the tutorial on frequency separation that I’ve been missing!

4 years ago

Hi Paul, I didn’t see the setting for 16 bit, can you please post them, thank you.

4 years ago

Excellent tut Paul!

I’m just getting into this and it is extremely helpful.

I was working on a 16-bit image and came across the Apply Image settings which I am sharing here:

For the Low Frequency the guidance on FStoppers was to Invert the channel, but then set blending to Add (not Subtract). Lastly, Scale was still 2, but offset was 0 (instead of 128).

Source: https://fstoppers.com/post-production/ultimate-guide-frequency-separation-technique-8699