Walkthrough: Fast Method For Replacing A White Sky Using Layer Styles In Photoshop

In this video, I follow up on a question on the forums about how to replace a white (over-exposed) sky.  There are numerous methods for this from Luminosity Channels (something which is pretty advanced and I'll cover it in a different video) to creating complex masks (something that is a lot of work) to this method: Using Layer Styles. The video should be fully self-explanatory but you may need to brush up a little on layers and masks (although I do try to explain each step as I go.) If you have any questions,

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Karen Massey
5 years ago

What a great video Paul – Thank You, simply explained and an easier method than I use. Will look forward to trying this one out x

Ian Boichat
5 years ago

Nicely done – you’ve got to love blend if – that was a great way to show what it is actually is doing with the sliders using the graduated fill. I hope you let the couple see the new version!