Walkthrough: Creating High Key Images Of White Dogs

In response to a question on the Forum, this walkthrough covers a method for creating high key images of white dogs (i.e. white dogs on white backgrounds.) The video is just me sitting and doing what I normally do: figuring out what each image will finish up looking like as I go. Although I usually have a pretty good idea of the steps I'm going to take and the finish of the ultimate image,

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Jan Harris
Jan Harris
2 years ago

Brilliant thanks I have struggled with getting white …….off to practice ☝🏽

4 years ago

Love this technique, I’ve always struggled with getting pure white but after watching your video this is a game changer, thank you.

Grahame Smith
Grahame Smith
5 years ago

Great tutorial. Thanks Paul, never used a high key set up on dogs…. must give it a go…