Photoshop: Creating An Action To Remove Flyaway Hairs

In this video, we create an action to (almost) automatically remove flyaway hairs. We step through each step so you can create your own action.


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Summary Of Steps In The Video:

  • Select the Image: Choose an image with flyaway hairs, preferably with a blurred background and shallow depth of field (0:67).
  • Select the Hairs: Using the lasso tool, select the flyaway hairs, being careful not to select too much of the background (0:99).
  • Start Recording the Action: Begin recording the action in Photoshop, naming it appropriately (0:194).
  • Save the Selection: Save the selection of the hairs, duplicate the background layer, and expand the canvas size by 20% (0:254).
  • Use Content-Aware Fill: Apply content-aware fill to make the image slightly bigger, which aids in removing sections of the hair later (0:422).
  • Select the Subject: Select the subject and save the selection. Add the hair selection to the subject and use content-aware fill again (0:473).
  • Fine-Tune the Removal: Edit the mask and use the dust and scratches filter to fine-tune the removal of flyaway hairs (0:598).
  • Finalize the Image: Crop the image back to its original size and stop recording the action (0:661).
  • Test on Another Image: Optionally, test the action on a different image to ensure it works on various images (0:792).
  • Optional Fine-Tuning Step: If you want to fine-tune the action every time you run it, you can set a dialog box to appear during the dust and scratches filter step, allowing you to adjust the settings (0:734).

Download The Action

If you’d like to try this Photoshop Action,  it can be found in our shop (it’s FREE! it’s just that once you’ve checked it out, it will appear in your downloads are for you whenever you need it.)

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