EP98 Keep It Simple

I admit this is a shorter episode than some – I am multitasking and getting prepped and rehearsed for the Graphistudio Live Lounge over the weekend – details can be found at https://www.graphistudio.com/en/accademia/

I’m on stage (as much as there is a stage of course) at 15:40 UK time (16:40 European time, 10:40 US Eastern) talking about shooting for album sales.  Would love to see you all there!  We could all go out for a drink at the bar afterwards… ….oh…. …wait… nope, sadly not.

This podcast is about something I’ve always believed: keeping it simple!  Complexity rarely helps you, your photography or your business.  Keeping things nice and simple helps the shoot to flow and for your clients to enjoy their experience as much as possible.  At least that’s true for portrait photography – it may not be so true if you’re someone who shoots detailed products where a focus-stacking, light-stacking and hours of retouching are the norm!

For me?  Well I’m at my happiest when it’s just me, my client, my camera and a little light.  Just perfect.




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