EP91 Happy New Year? Let’s Hope So!

I think I recorded the previous episode on a cold, crisp day.  Well, the cold has remained, but instead of ‘crisp’ it is now grey, gloomy and damp (though quite how it is still damp when the temperature is hovering around freezing I have no idea!)

We’re closing 2020 and opening a whole new chapter, bright and clean, as yet unsullied by Covid, Brexit, politicians or social media.  I doubt it’ll stay that way but let’s enjoy the moment, just like stepping out into fresh white snow: it is clean and white, with only your footsteps to be seen, though you know it’ll soon be brown and yellow, slushy and melting away. 

But right now?  Clean, white, untouched and exciting.

You never know, maybe it will stay that way!



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