EP89 Steering A Covid Course – Taking Control Of All That I Can

Well, it’s only gone and happened again: we’re back in lockdown from this Thursday.  Finding out on a Saturday night that you have five working days left in what is normally the busiest month of the year, is not ideal, to put it mildly.  Still, we have to find ways of coping, ways of staying positive.

This is a quick podcast I recorded to talk about the things we’re doing here to stay in the right frame of mind to see our way through what is undoubtedly going to be a tough end of this year and, probably, beginning of next.

There are no silver bullets in here – just the things we’re planning right now.

In the end, I have to think of this time as an opportunity: an opportunity to finish the jobs I never have time for; an opportunity to find new avenues for revenue and an opportunity to reach out to our clients when they, too, will be feeling low.

Taking control of what I CAN be in control of and figuring ways around everything I CAN’T be in control of is the only thing I can do.

I hope you’re all OK and I hope this podcast is, in some way, useful.

Take care,

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