EP83 Do You Have To Be An Extrovert To Be A Portrait Photographer?

You’ll be happy to hear that this episode is recorded in the peace and quiet of our studio – actually, I had intended to record it in the studio garden as the cool and the smells of late summer and early autumn are so seductive.  Sadly, about a million drills, chainsaws, strimmers, lawnmowers and jackhammers ruined that for me.  It wasn’t nearly as peaceful as I’d hoped!  Goodness knows what our neighbours are building!

Still, we’re lucky to have a nice calm studio in which to record so, with a microphone, recorder and a cup of coffee, I decamped to our consultation room which is currently not being used as we impose some Covid-19 policies for safety.

Anyway, this podcast was triggered by a lovely email that included a question about whether someone who is gentle and quiet could be a successful wedding or portrait photographer: do you have to be energetic and confident or does gentle and reserved have its place too?

Here are my thoughts on the matter.


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David Llewellyn-Jones
3 years ago

Found this really interesting! I am a total introvert when it comes to businessy things, I had no confidence to go out and try and network and when I occasionally did get a chance to talk to other people, I never knew what to say! I just started attending a monthly networking event, gaining the confidence to talk to people then the lockdown arrived! Typical! However, now I have a lot more confidence in getting myself out there as thanks to the lockdown and the time I have had to stop, step back and look over everything, I now feel… Read more »