EP132 Interview With Michele Jennings, Former CEO Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

We are a lucky business.  OK, I know you make your own luck to a greater or lesser degree, but we really are a lucky business.  Every day I work with people I love – from our team in the studio to our clients across the UK and further afield.

As we run into the festive holidays, our studio has been full of laughter (and the smell of gingerbread, thanks to our Christmas candles!) as clients come to pick up their last-minute gifts as well as albums and frames they ordered during the year.  The shelves have creaked under the weight of the boxes; each bowed with our distinctive ribbons and tags.  Today, with just a few days to Christmas, the shelves look empty, with just a few items left to be picked up. Every client through the door has brought joy and festive cheer and taken away photographs it has been a joy to create.

Like I said, we are a lucky business.

And so it is that I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with my guest for this interview for the past decade.  Michele Jennings was, up until a couple of months ago, the CEO of Hearing Dogs For Deaf People – an incredible charity that provides assistance dogs for deaf adults and children.  I have worked with the organisation for the past 11 years and so it has been my pleasure to spend time with Michele and her team, creating images for the brand.

This is a lovely interview, and we cover all sorts of things, from positivity to passion, from vision to values.

As ever, I asked Michele to nominate a book and she recommended Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman and it’s available on Amazon here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Four-Thousand-Weeks-Time-How/dp/1847924018

Definitely worth a read!

If you’re curious, Hearing Dogs For Deaf People can be found here: https://www.hearingdogs.org.uk/

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview!

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