EP118 Admit It. Own It. Fix It.

It’s 2022 and I have to say it’s starting off in a very positive mood!  Admittedly New Year didn’t go quite to plan, thanks to Covid and family injury, but other than that all good.

And besides, my Nikon Z9 has arrived and I am now having a ball with what can only be described as the best camera I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.  More on that in this and future podcasts!

We had a wonderful email today from a client saying how happy she was with everything we’d done – a truly lovely email to receive!  But here’s the thing: during this particular job, a mistake had crept in.  They sometimes do; we are a team of humans!  But how we dealt with it, how we managed it, how we reacted to that client and made sure we did everything possible to apologise and fix it, well that made all the difference.

And we have an email to prove it!

Running a business is never going to be easy but dealing with mistakes has to be at the very heart of what you do.

Just remember: Admit It, Own It, Fix It.

Oh and here are a few pictures from a walk we had in the Welsh Hills (the Clywdian Hills to be precise):




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James Keen
James Keen
2 years ago

Happy new year to you all. you asked for feedback on your podcast about format rambles etc. so here’s my response. the pod cast seems to fall into four bands one the apology were you are i e the landie or quiet office then time out office. so we have the apology for not working well bit like imposters guilt. next we have the bit about family or great shoot that shows natural side of you. the off topic bit sport politics guy who cut you up. then se bit about what your going to talk about. well i like… Read more »