EP115 On Why Mirrorless Is About To Come Of Age – The Nikon Z9

So it’s Sunday as I both record and write this and I’m having a frankly chilled day.  Not that this is in any way your worry, but I thought I’d tell you.

This episode is a rebuttal of my own grumpy podcast (EP113) when I seem to have spent most of it muttering about my Z7ii and how it isn’t quite there yet.  Well, this one is the other extreme – here are the reasons I think mirrorless and, by extension, the Nikon Z9 is about to come of age.  If the spec of the Z9 is correct (I don’t have my hands on one yet – it’s ordered and paid for but could be a while) then this camera won’t just be the pinnacle of mirrorless as we know it, it will be the start of a whole new generation of cameras and capability.  Seriously.

I also give a shameless (and, just to be clear, unpaid) plug for the wonderful institution that is Grays Of Westminster – simply the best Nikon shop in the world.  I should add, I don’t know if there are other dedicated Nikon shops in the world.  I don’t care if there are: Grays would still come out on top. It is truly like Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Harry Potter. But with lenses not wands. And customer service that is every bit as personal.

If you’re curious they can be found at https://www.graysofwestminster.co.uk/ and they also have a fabulous range of 2nd hand kit in their online store.

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James Keen
James Keen
2 years ago

Regards grumbles in pod cast 113 to be honest it was a great pod cast yes you was tired and frustrated but I do believe that the reply you gave was so honest. Like you I am a lover of NIkon but I asked the question and you gave honest reply.there’s lots of utube guys opening boxes telling how great it is, we’ll if you just opened the box how do you know. So nine months in your response was it great not a pro camera. And beware the card door opens the battery door falls off it eats batteries… Read more »

James Keen
James Keen
2 years ago

Gosh second name check.
loved the more relaxed chat about the new NIkon Z9 glad some of your old batteries will fit and see looks like some old pin accessories will fit two.
love the shout out to Greys of Westminster a loverly description of this wonderful establishment real Aladdins cave.
guess it’s been the perfect storm world wide pandemic and trying to release new camera and lens system.
interesting to see 1200 shots on hearing dogs shoot.
Keep up great work. Guess you need Land Rover sound effect for when your on the web swooning over Nikon web site..