EP113 On Moving To Mirrorless

Switching to a mirrorless system was always going to happen – SLRs (and their requisite mirrors) are slowly heading the same way as film, dark rooms, Black Forest gateaux, prawn cocktail and sandals with socks. Though I happen to love Black Forest gateaux. And film.  And the darkroom.  Prawn cocktails and sandals with socks, well they can stay in the history books!

Anyway, James Keen DM’d me on Instagram and asked for an update on my move to mirrorless and so, while clattering my way home in the Land Rover from a perfect Oxfordshire wedding, here are my thoughts.  With a few rattly sound effects in the background just for authenticity.

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James Keen
James Keen
2 years ago

Loved this podcast feel guilty about asking as you sounded so frustrated. thank you for the honest feedback on the the system. Delivery on items has been a pain looked at ordering some lenses from nikon as web said in stock. Then clicked to be told your purchases Are coming from our Europe warehouse and could be up to three weeks. Well sorry they had 3 years to sort out uk distribution mind you canon printer ordered before brexit took nearly 3 months. I always tell anyone to go pick up camera see how it feels in your hand find… Read more »