EP110 Interview With Best Selling Author Eni Obi

Every day new clients, new stories, new laughter. That is the joy of a portrait photographer.

At the end of a recent headshot session, it seemed a shame to stop the laughter. So we didn’t. Instead of packing up and going home, we plugged in some microphones and recorded a podcast. The portrait session had been sunny and full of stories and the interview is much the same!

I love when that happens: you meet someone new and the session flies past, with as much chat as creativity. Serendipity, karma, the luck of the righteous; whoever is looking after me, it is true that I get to meet and talk to some amazing people!

And Eni Obi, best-selling author, speaker and coach is one of those people.

The podcast touches on her life, her career, her book, her energy and her positivity.

If you’re curious, her bestselling book, Your Life Is Calling: How To DO YOU And Live Without Regrets is available on Amazon.


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