EP101 Interview With Terrie & Colin Jones Of The Societies Of Photographers

After the last episode’s interview with Sarah (my one-and-only!), this week, I am talking to another husband and wife team – Terrie and Colin Jones from The Societies Of Photographers.

I have been a very happy member of The Societies (when I joined it was still just The Society Of Wedding And Portrait Photographers – The SWPP) and so it so good to sit and chat – remotely I might add – with two of the nicest, hardest working people in the industry.

The Societies provides a range of benefits for photographers from mentoring, training, networking, promotions, negotiating discounts for members, magazine subscription, qualifications, competitions and so much more.

If you’re interested in the benefits mentioned by Colin, head to this page and you can see the various links there.

As always, I ask my interviewees for a book nomination for our ever-growing library of things to fascinate photographers.  Terrie and Colin nominated Mastering Lighting & Flash Photography by our good friend, and incredible photographer, Richard Bradbury.

I loved this interview: two genuinely nice people, 60 minutes of chit chat and a lot of laughing.  




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