EP100 An Evening In With My Missus: My Favourite Place To Be!

Well, it’s been 99 episodes to date, and now this, the 100th!  Whoever thought we’d get to that milestone?  Well, it’s entirely down to you amazing people, our subscribers and the feedback we get: that and the cathartic effect of chatting about life as a professional portrait photographer.

Over the past 99 episodes, some of my favourites have been the various interviews with many more to come, and there isn’t anyone I’d rather be chatting with than my amazing wife and co-director Sarah.  So I thought this episode would be a nice moment to grab a glass of wine and look forward to the lockdown restrictions being lifted.  Oh, and to reminisce about some of the things that have gone wrong over the years!

All while trying to silently consume olives, peanuts, ciabatta and wine! Ah, you gotta love a romantic Friday evening; just the two of us and microphones.




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