Ep.75 To Me, To You, Two Metres Or More

So, how are things with you?  Still in lockdown?  Well we are here – just trying to make the best of things.

Anyway, good news (for me at least!): we’ve been listed as the top Portrait Photography Podcast on Feedspot (https://blog.feedspot.com/portrait_photography_podcasts/) which is lovely!  I only started this podcast for fun (and because I simply love audio nearly as much as I love photography – though I freely admit I’m better with the camera than the recorder!)

We’re also a regular in the top 20 iTunes podcast charts for both the UK and the US. OK, well we are for Visual Arts podcasts anyway. haha.  I don’t know how many Visual Arts podcasts there are around the world – maybe not so many – but it still feels good that we listeners and subscribers out there.  Thank you!

In this podcast, I mention a few things – firstly two incredible magazines: Nphoto and Professional Photo magazines. We’ve featured regularly in both of them and I’d love to direct you all to both of them:

I also mention two of the best of the Associations in the UK – the BIPP and the SWPP

If you’re a professional photographer (or about to become a professional photoghers) then these are definitely worth looking into as they provide incredible support for photographers like you and me.

Anyway, in the midst of everything going on around us, this podcast is really about optimism and planning for the future – at a 2-metre distance of course!


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