Ep.60 Dealing With That Disappointment

You’ve finished your shoot (in this case, a wedding), everything is packed up, the memory cards are shared between you (you know, just in case you’re in a car crash – you have clean underwear on too, just like your mum told you) and you’re trundling your way home. 

And then it hits you.

That all-too-familiar wave of paranoia and disappointment. 

You start to think of all the images that you didn’t take.  Ignoring the hundreds, maybe thousands, that you did capture – beautiful images, maybe even a competition image or two.  And the constraints of a wedding. And the UK weather. Yet still, you focus on the things you didn’t manage to capture.

And it’s a normal feeling.  Uncomfortable? Yes of course, but still normal.

This podcast is all about that disappointment.

Enjoy (and don’t be disappointed!)

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