Ep.59 Constancy Or Invention: The Photographer’s Dilemma

Well, I’m back on the microphone!  Had a bit of a break as the summer peak workload kicked in but once more, I am sitting in the cab of the Land Rover Defender, muttering musings into the microphone on the move. Haha, a little alliteration for you.

Anyway, this episode’s topic is the choice between constancy or invention: should we, as photographers, creatives, artists, strive for constancy – recognisable, familiar images – or push the boundaries of invention, looking for new images, new ideas, originality.

Of course, there is no easy answer to this; it is more of a discussion about personal preference and effective business choice, but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless and one that was actually driven by conversations with my clients so I thought it might be of use.

Let me know your thoughts!


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