Ep.55 Karen Massey, Photographer

“You soon start to learn a lot more about business”

In this interview, I get to talk to Karen Massey, wedding and portrait photographer.  Karen is a successful photographer and business owner, having started out owning a beauticians and then transferring her not inconsiderable business skills to setting up a brilliant photography studio. She talks about how she has always worked from an early age, how she had to ‘soften her accent’ (not something you could be asked by an employer to do in this day and age!) and her plans for her new venture: RISE PFP, a group for professional female photographers.

Plenty for everyone in this podcast from business insights to how she runs her weddings.  Oh, and she’s really lovely too!

Not only did Karen bring ideas for books for our little library, but she brought the actual books too!

  • The first is A Coastal Reflection by Mary Shayler.  This can be found here on Blurb books
  • The second is the Aston Martin Centenary Collection Programme 1913-2013. One for all you petrol heads out there! As I suspected in the podcast, this isn’t one that you can buy (though a few copies do appear to be on eBay.) A real one off for our library!

Both worthy additions to our library!

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