Ep.48 Mark Seymour, Documentary Photographer

In this podcast it is an absolute joy to interview the fantastic documentary photographer, Mark Seymour.  Mark has spent many years at the top of the wedding profession but is equally at home (maybe more at home these days) creating iconic street documentary images – so much so that images are featured in the National Geographic magazine.

In the interview we talk about many aspects of life, the job and family and Mark’s disaster one fateful day when a concerned wedding venue had to call to ask him why he hadn’t yet arrived!

As an avid collector of books, Mark mentions three in particular (though the titles here are not quite as he recalls):

  1. Contact Sheets, Magnum (one that we have featured previously)
  2. The Life Of A Photograph by Sam Abell  (during the podcast, Mark refers to this as “Two Shots” which may have been an overseas title of the book – at least, I couldn’t find any reference to a book of that name but, given Mark’s description, this appears to be the correct one.)
  3. The World from My Front Porch by Larry Towell

These links go to abebooks.co.uk which has a vast range of titles available and is noticeably cheaper than Amazon!

If you’re interested in attending one of Mark’s incredible Street Photography courses, details can be found here.

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