Ep.44 Interview: Scott Johnson, The Edge Photography

So it’s been a week or three since recording a podcast primarily due to being out on location in Italy co-hosting The 2 Fellows workshop with David Stanbury (shameless plug: if you’d like details of the 2020 workshop then head over to the2fellows.co.uk where we’ll be releasing details for next year.)

In this podcast, I get to chat (in a VERY loud restaurant) to the inimitable wedding photographer, Scott Johnson, about his work, his history and his business.  Lots of great things in here – listen out for how selling files on USB nearly cost him his business (his words, not mine.)

Also listen out for a cacophony of culinary sound effects in the background!

Scott mentions a couple of books in the podcast:

Both these books are well worth a read – I’m ordering them for our studio library!



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