Ep.43 Interview: Keith Roberts Paragon Pixels Founder

In this interview, I get to chat with Keith Roberts who had the masterstroke idea of matching top portrait photographers with the world’s top cruise line.

He talks about his life prior to setting up Paragon Pixels with many funny stories along the way (listen out for how he managed to screw up a critical roll of film while working in medical photography, leaving him barricaded inside the hospital dark room!)

Keith is a remarkable guy on a number of levels – not least of which, is that he is a phenomenal photographer in his own right but has spent most of his life promoting the work of others (something that is all too rare!) It was his idea to match up some of the world’s top portrait photographers with the world’s top cruise line and, along with Phil, his brother, he set up the company which now delivers beautiful images to discerning passengers around the globe.

And I am very lucky to BE one of those photographers!

Keith cites his favourite book as Steve McCurry’s South Southeast. Enjoy!

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