Ep.39 Interview With David Calvert

In this episode, it is my great pleasure to interview renowned photographer David Calvert FMPA FBIPP who is not only a wonderful photographer, but a true gentleman in the industry as well!

The conversation talks about his passion for portraits, how he first became a photographer, his aversion to debt (he learned that the hard way) and how he came to photograph a family’s pet dog that had already ceased to be. There are many useful nuggets in here – about anxiety, running a photography business and how getting qualified can help negate your insecurities.

During the interview he mentions a couple of photographers – notably David Bailey and Patrick Lichfield – and refer’s to Lichfield’s book The Most Beautiful Women which was published back in 1981. If you’re curious, you can buy a secondhand copy of the book for just a few pounds on Amazon UK.

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