Ep.35 Interview With Juliet Jones Of The Societies

One of the most useful things any photographer can do is attend seminars, workshops and trades shows, and one of the biggest of those in the UK is the SWPP Convention.

I have always loved this convention for its mix of networking and learning – plus it’s just after Christmas which gives me something in the calendar to look forward to as the memory of sherry, mince pies, pine needles stuck in your socks, refuse cans stuffed full of discarded (and non-recyclable wrapping paper), the fire hazard that is tinsel, bloated stomachs, impressively average cracker jokes, the Queen’s speech and dodgy afternoon movies fades into the dim and distant past.  Just when you think the next thing to get excited about is an Easter egg or the hope of a Valentine’s card, there’s the SWPP Convention to cheer you up and set you on your way for the year.

In this podcast it is my pleasure to be chatting to Juliet Jones who, as Managing Director of the Societies, is responsible for putting on one of my favourite networking events of the year.

The photographers that enter the competitions, go for qualifications, do mentoring, come to the Convention… …pay to see classes… …will succeed.
Juliet Jones

Details of the Convention can be found at http://swpp.co.uk/convention/ and you can find more information about the Superclass and Masterclass that I’m hosting at http://swpp.co.uk/convention/2019/speaker-bio-Wilkinson4840.htm These proved to be hugely popular last year (though I don’t think I’ll be presenting in black tie this year!) and we would love to see you in 2019!  Please do come along and make this party everything we’d love it to be!

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