Ep.23 Interview with Jeremy Price, MD Graphistudio UK

Ah, in this episode I have a chance to sit down with an old friend of ours, Jeremy Price, the Managing Director of Graphistudio UK. Graphistudio is the biggest album supplier in the world and the inventor of the original ‘lay-flat’ wedding book – something we have built our business around here.  We mostly talk about the industry, what is happening and how photographers can get more out of Graphistudio and their products. We have worked with Graphistudio for many years now and have built a great relationship with them but when you’re starting out it can be daunting. Jeremey gives some advice on how to get information and start your journey with them.

Oh yes, and Jeremy ignores a call from his partner and I get cross about bank accounts. Hey ho.

If there are any topics you would like to hear, have questions we could answer or would simply like to come and be interviewed on the podcast, please contact us at info@masteringportraitphotography.com.



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