How to photograph two men with different heights, skin tones & face shapes!

Create a film-poster style portrait of two guys with contrasting physical characteristics.

My team challenged me to take a portrait of Rob and Matt (our video editor) together, using just one studio light. The point to prove was how to flatter both of my subjects when they each have very different heights, skin tones and face shapes.

As I explain in this video, the strategies I apply here can be used in any situation where you are photographing two people with different characteristics. For example, if you had a short bride in a white dress and a tall groom in a dark outfit, you can copy my approach to even out the height and tonal differences. If you are photographing a couple in which one looks best when lit by broad lighting* and the other narrow lighting*, again, copy my approach and you’ll flatter them both.

*Broad lighting is when the side of the face that is closest to the camera is lit more than the far side. This makes the face appear wider, so works best on subjects with a narrow face shape. Narrow lighting is when the near side of the subject’s face is shadowed more than the far side. This makes the face appear slimmer, so works best on subjects with a round or square face shape.