Using photo walks to add variety to outdoor portrait shoots

What’s my favourite trick for relaxing a client while generating a variety of opportunities for beautiful daylight portraits? Going for a walk together. The exercise helps release adrenaline the client may be feeling if they are a little nervous about being in front of the camera. And the changing backgrounds and light conditions help create a range of looks for the final portrait set. It’s a win-win.

Join me for a walk with Megan as we tour the streets of my local village, Haddenham, looking for flattering combinations of light and location. You’ll see how light leads all of the decisions I make, and how I use background details, layering and framing devices to add interest and variety.

I’m travelling light for this shoot, with just my Nikon D5 camera body and one prime lens: my 105mm. This lens is my free gym, keeping me fit by making me move closer and further away if I want to change how much I include or exclude from my frame. It certainly creates a challenge when the shot I want is in a tight spot in an alley!

I’ll be working with direct sunlight, shade, reflected light and dappled light – showing that you can capture great portraits even when the sun is at full blast (just position your subject accordingly!). We hope you find it useful – leave a comment to let us know!