Looking For Light And Locations In The City

Oxford. One of the greatest cities on earth. Full of history, of course, but also a vibrant modern city with a huge range of locations in which to create portraits. So how do you go about looking for that perfect patch of light and that sumptuous scene to create an iconic portrait?

In this video, we go for a long walk through Oxford with our models, Dory and Anisia, looking for interesting patches of light in which to create images. Each location is explored and explained, and we show you just how searching out interesting light (even at midday in June) can help you produce beautiful images.

This video is a little longer than most of ours (it’s 27 minutes long!) but is broken into chunks that should be easy to watch and understand and it is FULL of ideas for working out on location with nothing but a camera, a reflector and some energy!

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