Join us behind-the-scenes as Paul creates stunning portraits on a wide range of themes. If you’d like to see a topic or type of shoot that we haven’t yet covered, please let us know and we’ll add it to our production list.


Each month, we’ll critique a selection of your images. Head to the Upload Image page to find out more and submit your portraits.

When watching the critiques, we suggest you pause the video as each new image is displayed. Take a long, hard look at the image before continuing. What works? What could be improved? Then listen to Paul’s feedback. What did you spot, and what did you miss? Learning how to do this will enable you to identify – and avoid – potential issues with your own portraits before you hit the shutter button.

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Location Lighting

Sometimes you want to get out of the studio, but the available light just isn’t enough. Head out on location with us, and see how you can use Speedlites and portable flash to create a range of natural-looking portraits as well as more special effects.

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Studio Lighting

Nose around Paul’s photography studio and see how much is possible – even with a tiny budget and relatively small space. We’ve got demos with a range of lighting equipment: from cheap bulbs with DIY modifiers through to top spec pro kit. Everything you see is achievable with a basic studio set-up.

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Available Light

Come outside with us as we capture a range of portraits using direct sun, cloud, window light and everything in between. We’ll show you how to create stunning portraits with a minimum of kit.

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