Your subject may claim they have nothing good enough to wear, but after browsing this section, you can never again say that you have nowhere good enough to shoot! As long as the lighting is good, there’s usually a way to make any location work.

Getting The Most From Any Location

Almost everywhere has potential as a location for photography. It’s all too easy to focus on the problems with a potential location – overhead cables, litter along the curb, a street sign and so on – but most barriers can be overcome with a change of angle or crop. Whether you want to add narrative with a background, use it to add visual interest and texture or simply keep it plain so that all the focus is on your subject, this section will help you to get the best out of indoor, studio and outdoor locations.

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Environmental Portraits

Whether you’re photographing a chef in their kitchen, a footballer on the pitch or a family in their home, an environmental portrait shows us more than just what each person looks like. Instead of just acting as a background, your location provides context and narrative, with the scene around your subject helping to communicate something about that person.

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