Rob – Monochrom Studio Portrait

Sometimes, one of our clients just walks in and I know I need to create a photograph!  We are due to photograph and Abbi’s wedding next year, but when they cam in to see some recent pictures of them, I just loved his look.  It was too good to miss!

With Rob’s dark, curly hair, his hipster beard, his black t-shirt and his silver chain, I knew exactly what I wanted the photograph to be.  This happens occassionally – I just get an idea in my head.  

The shot is relatively simple but the trick is in the two strip softboxes with grids, brought in really close to create a gentle wraparound light on the black t-shirt and Rob’s face.  I used a large 1m x 1m softbox, again with a grid, and edged it in close to just catch the eyes.

Simple pose with folded arms and a really strong connection with the camera.

Equipment List

  • Nikon Z9 with Nikon AFZ 70-200 f2.8mm
  • 3x Elinchrom FIVE studio strobes
  • 2x 100cm x 35cm Elinchrom Strip Softboxes
  • 1x 100cm x 100cm Elinchrom Strip Softbox
  • Colorama black paper backdrop


  • Lens at 80mm
  • f/16
  • 1/160s
  • ISO160
  • Rear lights set to same power
  • Front (key) light set to balance against the rear lights.