Podcast Ep.28

  • September 27, 2018 at 6:42 pm #1881
    David Llewellyn-JonesDavid Llewellyn-Jones
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    Hi Paul. I have to say that was a very inspiring podcast. I completely sympathise with the nerves thing and also, the down afterwards. As I’ve also done many musical performances over the past I’ve had to deal with nerves a lot and it’s exactly the same as before I do a shoot nowadays. I’ve always told myself in both these situations that I’d actually be very concerned if I wasn’t nervous because to me, that means I don’t care! Same with the doubt afterwards, if you care about your art, whatever it may be, you will always remember the negatives over the 90% that went right. I feel though if that wasn’t the case, progression as an artist wouldn’t happen and if you don’t show an interest or even realise that there were faults then there’s something wrong! Anyway everyone, in short, embrace the nerves, be thankful they’re there and remember they add something extra to the performance that you wouldn’t get practicing on your own!
    Just thought I’d ad my own (very large) twopence worth to the subject 😀

    September 29, 2018 at 1:12 pm #2056
    AvatarRachel Thornhill
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    It was a brilliant podcast wasn’t it Dave? And totally agree that when managed, nerves can be an advantage. Still working on that one 😉

    Regarding background noise Paul, seriously, I hardly noticed it, and it adds to the truth that you’re being honest about life as a Professional Photographer. We want to hear about what it’s like behind the scenes, and need to know that to be successful in this amazing industry is hard work, that getting everything done often involves compromise such as late nights and using time creatively (such as recording podcasts while driving, or at cricket practice!). And it was a great reminder that sometimes when we’re finding things hard, it is because we’re trying to achieve the impossible. But each day we learn a little bit more, and remember a little bit more about what we’d do differently, so we get a chance to do better, and take better images… and your words really make a difference to us here in the MPP community.

    Thank you

    Rachel x

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    October 3, 2018 at 8:29 pm #2987
    Emma GibsonEmma Gibson
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    I completely agree with the guys above – I really loved this episode… confidence is so key and this is a big learning curve for me (and the nerves!) It’s so interesting to hear that you still feel this too!

    Plus I love that you recorded it in the Land Rover… very creative (and the sound was actually fine – all adds to the ambience!)

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