A Cautionary Tale: Do Not Steal Pictures!

  • February 15, 2019 at 12:53 pm #3772
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    OK, so I created a hard hitting title for this so you might read it.

    This is, actually, quite sad as Lisa Saad is an exceptional compositor and artist BUT she didn’t read the rules on the competitions she entered (and won) and is now facing a lot of heat for it and has already had some of her awards rescinded as well as being banned for a number of years.

    Read the full thread and if you take just one thing from the sorry tale, it should be that you MUST READ THE RULES for any competition you enter, particularly if you like dropping in backgrounds or textures into your portraits as these technically fall fowl of many competition rules.

    Lisa Saad Photographer in Melbourne, Australia

    Paul Wilkinson FMPA FBIPP FSWPP

    Be kind to yourself!

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    Wise words Paul…. wise words.

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