Using Location To Avoid Portrait Fatigue

I share my method for avoiding portrait fatigue then discuss light direction, visual balance/tension and why the unplanned portraits are often my favourites. One of the questions I often get asked is, “When photographing all day, every day, how do you avoid repeating images?” For me, one way of avoiding portrait fatigue is to head out to new locations with …

Posing A Couple In A Tourist Hotspot!

When you want to include a famous city landmark in a portrait, you need to arrive very early, arrive very late, or be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait… This was taken below the Hertford Bridge in Oxford. The distinctive design of the bridge (thought to be inspired by this bridge in Venice), coupled with its proximity to other …

Portable Flash At The Skatepark

You don’t need complicated tricks to create a great action portrait at your local skatepark. Height, consistency and timing are more important. I was photographing a BMX rider at the skatepark when I was nearly run over by a skateboarder, Louis (pictured). Louis had been flying across the area that I was photographing every minute or so, JOIN NOW! LOGIN

Environmental Portraits

Whether you’re photographing a chef in their kitchen, a footballer on the pitch or a family in their home, an environmental portrait shows us more than just what each person looks like. Instead of just acting as a background, your location provides context and narrative, with the scene around your subject helping to communicate something about that person.