Team Images


Yup, Paul also has a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, though you might not guess it from meeting him! He is one of the most in-demand photographers in the UK (and across the globe too these days.) He is the co-author of Mastering Portrait Photography. He likes single Malt Whisky.

Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah is an economist and marketeer. She is also married to Paul which is a job in itself. Where Paul is loud and bouncy, she is calm and gentle. Opposites attract huh? She is the owner of the studio dog, Rufus.

Michelle Cartwright

If you pick up the phone and call in, you’ll probably talk to this amazing person. Michelle has worked with Paul and Sarah for 7 years and knows more about the photographic industry than anyone on the team (she worked at Spicer Hallfield for many years.) She never misses a detail and is super lovely.